Shards of passion

We love wood because it’s a “living” material… Living, yes, because it shrinks, it expands, it changes colour, it gets old. Wood is beautiful for the soft waves of its veins, its warm, welcoming look: it soon becomes one of the family and it never feels the same. Wood is full of qualities that make it a perfect material for windows. It has excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing standards, and it is an extremely strong, versatile and durable material.

falegnameria luraghese truciolo

We only select the best woods from sustainable forests
Quality cannot be improvised. It is the result of strictly controlled process designed to produce the best, only the best. Our production chain has been carefully selected over time, and for quite a long time it has been a guarantee of reliable materials, width documents proving their source and durability

falegnameria luraghese
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