Between past and future

1950 Lurago Marinone (Como).
10 carpenters decide to join forces: that’s how the Falegnameria Luraghese was born. Each of them brought in their skills, their expertise, their determination to serve the local market, and the more ambitious Milanese market. As the years go by, the company grows, while still deeply rooted in the manufacture of wooden windows and interior doors. Now, we are the third generation of carpenters: the Grimoldi family run the company with great passion and dedication. Now, the craftsmanship of the past has been upgraded by industrial manufacturing processes, for a perfect combination of human creativity and industrial performance.

“I like to get lost
in the details to find
new solutions”

Alessandro Grimoldi

Master contractor,
Technical Department

“I love the versatility
of wood, and its ability
to enhance any shape”

Alberto Grimoldi

Administration Department

falegnameria luraghese
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