Il profilo della qualità

Quality cannot be improvised. It is the result of strictly controlled process designed to produce the best, only the best.
Our production chain has been carefully selected over time, and for quite a long time it has been a
guarantee of reliable materials, width documents proving their source and durability.
One of the latest additions is Accoya®, a new kind of wood that is execeptional durable and stable,
qualities that make it ideal for any use, expecially to make windows, doors and interior decor.

On our side, when we work, we add quality to quality: by making the most of the features of the wood and
producing efficient, safe, strong doors and windows. Bench test and sample test on in situ
installations remove any underlying doubt. All our products bear the CE mark, as per 89/106/CE.

to look after
you from start
to finish
The high quality of the hardware we
use make the repeated everyday gesture
of opening and closing our window
safe and easy.
Every movement must be soft and smooth,
with no loud noises, and that’s how it
must stay, over the years.
They play a key role.
They let the window move while
holding it up: fro greatest safety,
they must be selected according to
the size and opening system of the
window and the weight of the pane.

Quality glass must provide
excellent thermal and acoustic
insulation, as well as safety.
Our panes are made of low-emission
glass with PVC warm-edge spacers
and an Argon gas-filled cavity.
They must be perfectly water-, air-
and wind-tight. The ones we install
are made of the best natural rubbers
and offer superior elasticity
and softness when mounted on
the panel and frame.
For our painting cycles, we
only use the best eco-friendly
water paints. They provide
excellent coverage: the natural
aesthetic features of wood are
enhanced, as is protection from
weather, mould and bacteria.

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