Open to any project

A good project invariably starts by listening.
At this stage, we at Falegnameria Luraghese take nothing for granted: we explore any technical and aesthetic issue, any kind of installation, anticipating any problem we may find with the project. So we can design bespoke solutions and make them just the way they have been imagined. We are obsessed with quality, regardless of the size of the project. We actually put the same care and attention to detail whether we are working for a project with hundreds of doors and windows or for a private customer who wants a non-standard product.
We work for building contractors in northern Italy, as well as for leading architectural firms in Milan and Lombardy. A good rapport with the designer is key to creating something unique that everyone will be happy about. Any idea you may come up with will motivate us, will “challenge” us to find the most suitable and efficient solution.

Free quotations
The preliminary stage, which includes a survey,
the measurements and a quotation, is important
and must be carefully carried out. Design
choices and the selection of the right
materials, as well as the production process,
depend on it. We provide such service
free of charge, as we draw up a clear,
thorough quotation where we put the greatest
care and the right value into every detail.
Climated-certified installation
Installation is key. An improper
installation may adversely affect
the efficiency, functions, and the
energy and soundproofing performance
of our window. That’s why we take
care of that ourselves: we are
specialist and we know what we are
doing, and we are personally accountable
for the final result (even later on).

After-sale service
Wea are a lean company: our custumers
support office will handle any
request in 24/48 hours and our
technicians will be quickly width you.
But can we tell you a secret?
Our doors and windows are so
strong ad reilable that most of
the times our custumers only call
us years later to by new ones.

Energy incentives
Renovating your home to make it more
energy-efficient is eligible for tax
deductions. We can help you make the
most of it, and we will help you
through the credit-recovery proceedings
in partnership width specialist firms.
Restoration of doors, windows and shutters
Old windows and shutters have
unparalleled charm. To restore
them to pristine conditions, we are
prepared to go the whole hog: we
remove the old paint, replace any
worn out or damaged parts, thoroughly
sand them, then we treat them with
resin and eco-friendly water paints.
We don’t mean to boast, but our expertise
in wooden doors and window is truly deep
and sound. We have made and installed
hundreds, in any kind of dwelling
and condition. That’s why we can provide
crucial technical (and aesthetic)
advice to architects, building
contractors or private custumers.

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